Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sex and Fighting

I'm a fan of Planned Parenthood on Facebook. I appreciate the liberal, slightly biased, open-minded approach to sexuality, sexual health, and sexual freedoms. PPH's views mesh well with mine and I appreciate what they do. However, I find that some of the followers that post comments to the articles that Planned Parenthood posts can be as bigoted and close-minded as any.

Now I know that liberalism does not equate to open-mindedness but I would hope that those that profess a more liberal viewpoint would also be hesitant to make snap judgments.

A specific comment sparked this rant, I'll reproduce it below, names removed to protect the "innocent"

"After letting my kids know that porn is, in no way, "real" sex, I would much rather them see boobs than cage fighting. I think what we consider taboo, in the US, is a little backwards. Violence, and the depiction of it, should be the taboo subject, while the beauty of sexuality should be freely expressed."

The discussion was on when, and how, to talk to children about pornography, as well as some of the good talking points when it comes to pornography. Frankly, I found the article enlightening. It touched on points I had never really thought about.

I'll link to the article here

The question in particular, in case it gets moved if the one asking for advice when a 14 year old girl and 16 year old boy found some porn online.

Anyway, I digress. The comment posted above got to me. My views on fighting are hardly a secret. My views on sex are hardly a secret. I don't see the issue with either as long as it's two CONSENTING adults.

Hell, if you want to step into a ring, onto the mat, or into a cage then do so. If you find someone who wants to get in there with you, good for them. Fighting is the single most difficult pursuit a man, or woman, can engage in. Fighting requires a degree of stamina, of fitness, not seen in other pursuits. Why should we as a society demonize violence? Why should we as a society demonize sex, sexuality, or really any act between two consenting adults.

It just upsets me when people speak about a topic they have no knowledge of. I'm of the mind that if you want to try and ban fighting they you should have at least fought. Get on the mat, train, work out, cross hands with a fighter and if afterwards you still want to ban fighting then at least you can speak from a position of knowledge as opposed to ignorance.