Monday, October 20, 2008

Illusions of Security

I have noticed a growing trend. A trend in which the illusion of security is much more important then actual security.

The Missus and I stopped over to Monroe County Social Services this morning to drop off some paperwork. In order to enter the building you had to go through a security checkpoint. However, the Rent-A-Cops who were manning the security check point were themselves unarmed! Now, lets look at this logically. If a person comes to MCSS with a weapon, and gets stopped by a Rent-A-Cop do you seriously think they are going to calmly hand over the weapon? Seriously? Anyone carrying a weapon legally probably isn't going to bring it with them into a county building. Those carrying a weapon illegally are either a) not going to bring it into a county building or b) bring the weapon with them and not bother with the security. If a person wanted to cause trouble they could walk in the front door and cut a swath through the people waiting, the Rent-A-Cops and then, into the building.

So, as I'm standing out in the cold waiting for the line to move all I can think of is how much money is wasted on the illusion of security. If someone wants to cause trouble no amount of metal detectors and Rent-A-Cops are going to stop them, all they do is make the sheep feel better.

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