Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the Value of Trees

Where I go to school, the Rochester Institute of Technology, has it's own brick. Yes, they patented their own brick and build EVERYTHING out of it. This entire campus is an un-ending slew of red brick. However, almost in spite of the colleges best efforts little clumps of green existed. One of these, located right next to the main Computer Science building contained a little playground and a few picnic tables. Nothing amazing, but it was nice on a hot day.

Then.... Progress!

Or, not.

This little stand of green, rebelling against the un-ending expanse of red baked brick is gone. In it's place stands the new "Administration Building & Innovation Center" a edifice of glass and concrete, not a brick in sight, and oddly enough shaped like a toilet.

Nobody likes it, the students don't like it, the faculty don't like it, I don't like it. Yet it's being built. That little stand of trees is gone, as is the play ground and the picnic tables. One more building, one more edifice to "progress" yet I can't help but feel that the trees were a better choice.

Oh well.

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