Monday, October 13, 2008

One score and four years ago....

I was born.

Yes, today is my birthday. It seems odd to talk about myself, yet I guess that is the entire purpose of a blog. To talk about ones self and ones ideas.

It's been a good birthday, fairly quiet, work, Judo, and if all goes well a pot roast tonight.

My parents got me a few pairs of jeans, paid for the Altamont Irish Fest tickets, and footed the bill for a new gi, which I have needed for weeks now.

The Missus got me footed pajamas! Yes, they make footed pajamas in my size, to say that I was thrilled is an understatement. I was tickled pink. She continued the spree of thoughtful and useful gifts with a Cd to tape converter, pair of goggles and swim cap for our, hopefully soon to be, bi-weekly swims. Lastly, a Twisted Whiskers calendar which I guess has become a sort of tradition.

Yesterday the parents took the Missus and I apple picking, and out to a passable dinner at Coleman's Irish Pub. I wanted to go to Kitty Hoynes but they are closed on Sunday. A loss for all I assure you.

If your a fan of good Irish pub food and ever happen to wander through Syracuse I would heartily recommend Kitty Hoynes. Coleman's is good, but it lacks a certain ambiance.

Well, on to next year!

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