Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Love Barbecue

I've been nursing a rib injury for days now, it's a colossal pain but all gray clouds have a silver lining and in this case the silver lining was drowned in barbecue sauce.

I got out of Judo and decided that for dinner the Missus and I were having ribs. So we sauntered out to Dinosaur-BBQ in Rochester. While it's a sister restaurant of the Dinosaur-BBQ in Syracuse it's a completely different feel, the Rochester location feels more like a friendly family sit down joint as opposed to the hot loud crazy experience of dining with a hundred people crammed into a shoebox that is the Syracuse location.

However, the food was incredible as always and they had a live blues band that was simply incredible. Robin Rogers is the lead singer of the band and her voice is simply incredible. Sound quality was top notch, her band was even better. All in all it was an awesome night.

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