Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Never Having Kids. Ever

I've often said this, and at times have even wavered from this stance but I must admit that there is no finer birth control then dealing with a seven year old for a week. I do not ever want, nor will I ever want one of my own.

Some background is in order here.

Due to some family issues the Missus's parents do not feel comfortable leaving their youngest Denise with their next youngest, Kaylee, while both girls are on break. They were looking into daycare options and found them to be rater expensive, though how a family that makes over $200K annually deems something in the realm of $300 expensive is beyond me but anyway. My Missus volunteered to take Denise for the week. So she retrieved Denise, and $20, I figure for our trouble from her mother and now we have Denise for a week.

Now, I have nothing against Denise. She's loud, annoying, and attention starved but that's hardly her fault nor unique to her. I've been told most seven year old kids are loud. But it wouldn't be half as bad if she wasn't so attention starved. I know she's used to dealing with parents who are indifferent at best and an older sister who is even more attention starved and makes sure she gets all the attention she can, usually by negative and destructive means. Anyway, it's just so frustrating. Denise would have probably been a great kid accept her parents are turning her into an attention starved materialistic thing and they just don't see it, or don't care.

Just frustrating. I'm just not having kids and then I won't have to worry about it! No noise, no parenting, nada. Seems like a good deal in my mind.

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