Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

I received an e-mail this morning.

"Well, it has finally happened. It has been just more than 3 years since ITS was brought under F&A, 2 years since ITS was moved under Jim Fisher, and just less than 6 months since Laura/FAST was moved under ITS' new CIO, Jeanne Casares. Effective yesterday FAST officially no longer exists. I wish I could say that what I've predicted would happen didn't, but it has. I wish I could say this is a good change, but unfortunately its neutral at best...."

It goes on to detail the current state of things, and the direction things will most likely move. It's sad, reading that e-mail felt as if I was reading an obituary for a friend. I worked for Finance Administration Systems Technology (FAST) on and off during my time at R.I.T. and had the pleasure of taking classes with the head of FAST Development, Dan Pedersen. I miss him, and though we have kepr in contact it's not quite the same.

So I guess I have to say the following.

Good luck Dan, I wish you only the best, and if at some point your ready to strike out on your own I'll help in any way I can.

Rest in peace FAST, hopefully down the road someone with more foresight then those in charge now will realize this mistake for what it is and give you back your people and your culture.

Good luck all.

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Anonymous said...

Did you let Mr. Pederson know how you feel? What's he doing with his life post-FAST?

This is truly is some sad news. FAST was a good friend to you.