Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

A few weeks ago the Missus showed me this link.

It was to a blog post on how to make Cookie Monster Cookies.

So, I decided to try my hand at the recipe given that fact that the Missus was out of town last night and I thought it would be a nice surprise. Now, for a little background. Years ago I made a bet with the Missus, and my wager if I lost the bet was 100 cookie monster cookies from Mrs. Fields. I lost. Since that time I've been chipping away at my debt. Unfortunately Mrs. Fields no longer has cookie monster cookies. So I had to find another way to pay my debt.

Hence the cupcakes.

Also, the Missus has been having a rough time lately, unemployment is really getting to her and the stream of rejections and the stony silence is really wearing on her nerves. Anyway.... I made her cupcakes!

The fruits of my labor....

Now, What did I learn here?

1) Let the cupcake pan cool before removing the cupcakes.
2) More frosting, always buy more frosting.
3) Even if the cupcakes look ugly as sin (they did) frosting covers up the worst blemishes.
4) I am NOT a baker.

Anyway, it was fun and the look on her face totally made it worthwhile.

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