Monday, March 23, 2009

It Has Begun

I have begun dieting.

I currently weight 309.2 lbs, with 28-30% body fat. I lift weights, I play Judo, I'm looking to get back into BJJ, I want to start running again. I'm just sick of being fat.

I'm looking to get down to 220 first, then possibly down to 200 but I do not think I can do that without loosing muscle, something I'm simply not willing to do.

I'm using to track my calories and am currently shooting for 2100 with out exercise and an appropriate caloric increase on days I exercise.

I'm also trying to swing away from carbohydrates and increase my protein intake. Currently roughly half to two thirds of my calories come from carbohydrates. This I am told is bad.

Add to the the fact that I'm pre-diabetic and need to be mindful of my blood sugar makes this all the more fun.

My resting heart rate is 61 bpm and my blood pressure hovers around 125/65.

Dear lord what have I started....

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