Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Been 2,920 Days

Well, Almost.

On May 25th, 2009 I will have been with the same lovely young lady for eight years, we will have been engaged for just over a year, and five months, to the day, from our wedding.

I'd love to say it has always been an idyllic courtship. I would love to say we have never fought, never quarreled, never said things we regret but that simply would not be true. We have had our spats, our breakups, some lasting for days, others months. We have both walked away at least once, yet we always seem to come back.

I love her.

I love the fact that her feet are freezing, every day, no matter what. I love her aversion to socks and shoes, and her preference for flip-flops and cargo shorts. I love her hair and the fact that it will never stay in a braid, or bun, but instead will fly around her face in little wisps. I love her walking around with her hair in a towel, and how the towel never seems to end up hung up once she's dried off. Ever. I love her cooking, all of it, even when it doesn't come out quite right. I love her love/hate affair with the bathroom scale. I love the fact that she did not even look at her engagement ring till after she said yes. I love the Hello Kitty bathroom decorations and the fact that if she could the entire apartment would be pink. I love her lips, especially when she pouts. I love her logic, even when it's flawed, and the fact that I can't win an argument against her no matter what I say, or if I'm right, and that it's better to not even start. I love the fact that I can't wait to get home to see her. I love everything, and anything, abut her.

Let's hope the next eight years are just as good as the last.

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