Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's been awhile....


I know this has lain dormant for awhile. Truth be told writing is therapeutic to me, and so I tend to write when things are bad. Things have been good. Too good I guess.

I've tended to keep my personal life, and the lives of those around me, off the net. It's not paranoia as much as it is good common sense. Yet I'm going to stretch that rule a little bit because I need to write.

As I said life has been good, The Missus got a new car when her old car ran into some mechanical problems, problems I was able to fix. So now we have a spare car, which is a good feeling, and if I can get her fixed up we hope to sell it for a fair chunk of change. We won a free vacation, and ended up buying new cookware, that oddly enough came with a free cruise. I'm basically caught up on bills, and have even begun to put a little away. Not much, but a bit. The Missus got a job, and with the added income I should be able to start clawing our way out of debt. It was a good feeling. Wedding planning is almost done, and the honeymoon is planned and the down payment has been paid.

Things fell apart today though. Well, it started last night. What should have been a minor tiff blew up in my face. The resulting fight continued until today and resulted in The Missus and I needing to have a talk. A talk about if we want to keep trying to make things work, or not. I can't say I'm surprised. I started a post a few months ago on a similar subject, and the resulting fight, but never published it. I guess we will see if I'm still engaged tomorrow. I hope I will be, but I've grown awfully tired of living on hope and credit.

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