Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Disbelief, Confusion, and Mild Disgust

I work, a lot.

I have a 9-5, I do web work, and I dabble in car repairs, Flash games, and C# applications. I help friends with coding homework and am looking to take my GRE in preparation for going back for my Masters degree.

I work, a lot. I expect no hand outs, and I like knowing that at the end of the month my bills are paid, and I'm current. I like that feeling.

I don't think it's rocket science. I make X, I spend X-Y where Y > 0; I then save Y, or of late use Y to pay off debt. It's not hard. I cut things from my budget, I spend wisely, and I go without. I'm not poor, but I am frugal.

It bothers the hell out of me when friends and acquaintances can't do the same. I've been poor. Not destitute, poor. I've been at the point where all I had left after rent and gas was enough for a pack of hot dogs for the week. I've cut everything out of my budget that was not 100% necessary. I don't think it's that hard to do. If you need it to survive, keep it. If it's a luxury, cut it. It's not hard.

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