Tuesday, December 1, 2009

E-Love is in the air!

It's so exciting, e-love is in the air!

Seriously. I recently had to experience what I have now termed e-love. E-love is when a couple spews their cutesy flirty shit all over the internet. This is made worse when it is done over a medium where I may have to actually read it, either intentionally, or inadvertently.

This is my first real exposure to E-love and I must say I don't understand. Call me jaded, call me out of touch, call me old and stodgy, I don't care. I simply fail to see the point of flirting in a public fashion that can be viewed by everyone.

Text, e-mail, phone calls, even IM's all make sense. It's a medium that allows two people, and only those two people, to converse, to connect, and in doing so their thoughts are shielded from the rest of the world. Carry on, well done. However E-love is conducted openly, usually on social networking sites, and frankly it disgusts me.

I don't want to know about you buying condoms, having sex, or how you miss your latest fling so much, that you can't stand to be apart. I, and I would hazard a guess that everyone else shares this opinion, do not want to know. Period, end of story, goodnight and good luck!

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