Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where's your belt?

I went lifting today, I've lifted at least twice a week for a few months now. However, as I was heading back to work a coworker stopped me and she asked me where my lifting belt was. When I told her I did not wear one she was somewhat surprised and provided the usual argument of safety, and not hurting your back, etc.

I don't lift with a belt, compression shirt, straps, gloves, or any other weight training safety aid. I don't use them because to use them is to gain a false sense of security. When in high school I wore a lifting belt and I lifted more weight, harder, with poorer form because I had the belt on and therefore was not thinking about my safety.

Without the belt I know I can get hurt, so I don't do anything stupid, if I loose a lift I drop the weight as opposed to trying to recover it. If my form deteriorates I either fix it or stop lifting, and because of this I've lifted for months without injury. My form has improved and with it my lifts themselves. I'm lifting more often, with heavier weights then I have before and I feel better knowing I'm doing so safely and with good habits. Habits I may have never developed with a belt.

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