Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weightroom Education

Nobody taught me to dead lift. I was taught to squat, taught to clean, and press. I was taught the proper form to bench press, and over the years tweaked it, but nobody ever taught me to dead lift. Why? Because I did not need to be taught.

There are some things your body just knows how to do, it's instinctive, and when you find out what it is, doing it just feels natural, like breathing. With me it's dead lifting. I loaded the bar, took a grip and the weight came off the floor, it was clean, it was easy and it felt good. Not just "hey that was neat" but more a heady endorphin rush that made me sit back and go "Woah!" My lower body has always been stronger, moving around while weighing over 250lbs for nearly my entire life you get real good at lifting heavy things. I can, with only a few month training effortlessly dead lift 265lbs for reps. My squat has plateaued, my bench the same, my press has caused my no amount of trouble. However, my dead lift just keeps going up. 10lbs, ever other lifting session, like clockwork.

I have to worry about my squat form, I have to remind myself to press to full extension and I have to be mindful of bench pressing unevenly. Dead lift just works. My form is rock solid, every day, every lift, every rep. It just works, and it feels incredible.

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