Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're one of "those" couples

The Missus and I are moving, hopefully into a new house, but at the very least out of our current apartment.

As I was packing today I realized The Missus and I are one of "those" couples, you know the couples with a million boxes of books, all weighing at least 45lbs. Yeah, that's us, sorry.

It seems like I've moved a few of those couples, I even moved a Reverend once, you want to see a pile of books move a Reverend. The Missus and I aren't quite at that stage but we're close. Say .8 Reverends.

It's funny, we've been looking for houses for months and it's today, the act of packing, that makes it seem real. It's as if up until now we were not moving, just looking, and now we are really going to pick up and move. Scary.

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