Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$10 Christmas

I was sitting at my desk the other night looking through receipts, bank statements, and trying to motivate myself to do the wrapping that I should have done weeks ago. I spent a fair amount this Christmas, not an unreasonably large amount, but enough to give me pause and more importantly to get me thinking.

I looked at the names on my list and wondered could I conceivably give everyone on the list a solid, appreciated, gift for under $10 per person? My thought is that if by reducing the financial burden of the season could I in turn reduce the stress, the depression, the angst that I always feel at this time of year? Now, for this year at least it's too late to really go back and do any cost-reduction. But the idea sounded good in my head and I thought that if it worked for me, and if I could get a group of people to agree then maybe I could start a small revolution towards a happier, more frugal, Christmas, hopefully free of the over-commercialization that seems to plague the season.

It's a thought for next year, let's see if I remember!

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