Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Year: 2011

I know I'm early, but this is the first time in my adult life where I can look back on the past years resolutions and see how I did, and as I've been thinking about it a lot I intend to do just that, right now.

First, last years resolutions may be found here

I broke last years resolutions into three broad categories, my personal, professional, and economic goals. While I intend to do the same this year I hope to delve into more detail then a bulleted list.

2010 Personal Goals:
  • I will loose weight, with a goal weight of 250lbs.
  • I will achieve a 300lb squat and dead lift, and a 200lb bench press for reps, 5x5.
  • I will get the apartment clean, and keep it clean.
  • I will compete in at least 2 Judo tournaments outside of my club.
  • I will attain my Judo green belt, and blue belt if possible.
  • I lost weight, with my lowest, current, weight at 280lbs. Half way to my goal of 250lbs.
  • I came nowhere close to either of my weight lifting goals, I chose to abandon heavy weightlifting in favor of cardiovascular exercise in an attempt to loose weight faster. I don't consider this to have been a wise decision.
  • I competed in one, semi-formal competition. Finances, and a lack of confidence kept me out of any additional competitions. I, at this point, have quit Judo and am considering not returning.
  • I am still an orange belt, with little chance of attaining my green, or any higher Judo rank.
2010 Professional Goals:
  • I will write, market, and sell a software product written wholly by me.
  • I will move towards attaining my Microsoft Professional Developer Certification.
  • I will decide on a masters program, and if necessary take the GREs
  • I did not complete a stand-alone software product, though I did complete several websites for clients, bringing in roughly $2,000
  • I have made no progress on my MPDC, I am debating if this is a direction I wish to go in.
  • While I want to go back to grad school, finances, and my wife's need to finish school have put my desire on hold for the time being.
2010 Economic Goals:
  • I will save $2,500
  • I will pay off at least $7000 of my personal loan.
  • Over the course of the year I'm sure I saved roughly $2,500 though at no point did I have $2,500 in the bank, I consider this a failed objective.
  • I have paid off just over $6,000 of my personal loan, while I don't consider this a success I am proud the fact that I got so much paid off in so short a time.
As I'm looking at this list I can't help but realize I did not accomplish a single goal I set for myself. Yet I can't help but also see that some of these goals were counter to other goals, and some were simply unobtainable. I also can take heart in the accomplishments that I could not have foreseen. I bought a house, I adopted a third cat, I saw my one year wedding anniversary come, and go. These, and dozens of other smaller victories I have to take comfort in, and I have to work harder next year. And so...

New Years Resolutions 2011!

Note: I'm breaking up Professional (my 9-5) and Business (my side-work) into seperate catagories for 2011.

Personal Goals for 2011:
  • I will loose weight, with a goal weight of 250lbs. This is a carry-over from last year, but I'm determined to see it through. I'm no longer pre-diabetic, I ran the Corporate Challenge and posted a respectable time, and I aim to do better this year.
  • I will choose to either return to Judo, or to another exercise program.

Professional Goals for 2011:
  • I will deliver a 40hr+ AR, on time, under budget, with no bugs.
  • I will deliver every AR, on time, with no more then 3 PRs requiring a code fix.
  • I will find a niche, and fill it, to the best of my ability.
  • I will study one segment of the product, per month, with the end goal of being comfortable in a large swatch of the the products code.

Business Goals for 2011:
  • I will bring in $4,000 in side-work/web work
  • I will track every client, every payment, every hosting sale, and will know exactly how much I made in 2011.
  • I will build, and market a web product, to a customer, that generates recurring revenue.

Economic Goals for 2011:
  • I will pay off at least $6,000 of my personal loan.
  • I will acquire, and maintain a $1,000 savings balance for at least half the year.

Educational Goals for 2011:
  • I will read an educational non-fiction book a month.
  • I will spend 10+ percent of my "allowance" per pay-period on books or other educational materials, either for personal or professional growth.

It's a good list, and this year I've kept an eye on avoiding goals that contradict each other. I'm hoping that with a higher degree of granularity that I can better meet my goals. I will also look at these goals quarterly to asses my progress. First in March, then June, then September and lastly in December.

I feel I have chosen an attainable list, I hope that in a years time I will have better results then this year.


citro said...

Ilike how you showed that you truly have learned. Those lessons are so valuable rather than just setting goals and not making them. Nice Job on the weight loss! That's quite an achievement to be proud of! Hope all is well!

Elliot said...

A great and ambitious list! Keep us updated as you progress. You can do it!