Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue and Yellow and Purple Pills

I tend to avoid questioning people, at least those I'm not close to. I try to avoid shoving my views, my morality, down other people throats. However, there are days, and topics, that just piss me off.

It's irrational, I know, it doesn't make anything better, but some days I simply have to say what's in my head to stay sane. I hate pills. I frankly hate modern medicine.

I've been depressed, on and off for years. I've even been called "clinically depressed" whatever the hell that means. I'm still not sure. I've had anger issues, and I've most certainly got a temper. However, the one thing I've avoided, that holy grail of modern medicine, pills.

Sure, I'll take an Advil, and I've taken antibiotics, I'm not against curing disease, I'm against the all out crusade to "fix" everyone. No, your child does not have ADHD, your child is a normal kid who doesn't get enough exercise between school, and coming home to sit in front of the TV. No, your child is not autistic, and most likely doesn't have Asperger's either. You've just neglected to tell them it's not ok to act out in public, or you've ignored them to the point where they will do anything for attention, even negative attention.

Ok, you're depressed, that's great, stop taking pills, and go for a run. Get in shape, move, lift something heavy, put it down, rinse and repeat. If you can't sleep then make sure you're plenty tired, get up the same time every day, establish a rhythm, and stick to it.

It's not rocket science.

Now, let's be clear, I'm not saying there is never a call for a pill, or a medical treatment. However, there doesn't need to be a pill for everything. Something not right? I'd bet good money it's diet, or lifestyle that at the least aggravates the problem, and fixing that would fix whatever issue you're choking down pills to repress.

That's the big issue, in my mind. A pill doesn't fix, at least not usually, a pill represses, controls, manages. Pills don't fix. If you got fixed by a pill, then you wouldn't still need the pill, and that's bad for business. It's one of the reasons I don't ever think we will find a cure for cancer, or the common cold, or AIDS. Not for a lack of desire, but simply because treating is so much more profitable then curing.

Back to me. I've been having a bad time, depression, lack of motivation, the usual. Guess what? I got up, and dragged my ass to the gym, and I lifted heavy things, then went home. It took me roughly half an hour from changing into my shorts, to being back in my car. Now, a week and three workouts later, I feel much better, I'm sleeping better, I'm feeling better, and I'm eating better.

Guess what I'm not doing? I didn't take one single pill.

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