Monday, October 27, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!!!

Yes, there is cake.

This past weekend the Missus and I finished our cake tasting. We tried three bakeries. the Geddes Bakery, the Purple Hippo bakery and the Patrician Snowflake bakery.

And the contestants for Cake Baker of the Wedding......

3) Geddes Bakery: Our first stop they came highly recommended from a good family friend. We visited them a few weeks ago, and they were decent. While not the best of the three the cake was solid, tasty, if a little dense. However what really soured me on Geddes is the fact that we were looking for a chocolate cake, and were only allowed to sample vanilla. We ended up buying a chocolate cupcake but still if were paying hundreds of dollars for a cake we shouldn't have to buy a cupcake to get the flavor we want.

2) Patrician Snowflake Bakery: One of the scariest places I have ever visited in my 24 years. Located on the edge of a very bad part of town with no visible storefront, half the windows are boarded over, the parking lot, if you can call it that is cracked and festooned with weeds, and the entrance is through a worn side door. However once inside the proprietor who spoke with us was warm, personable and quite helpful. We were offered samples of both the vanilla and chocolate cake with both butter cream and a sweetened whipped cream filling. Price wise they were on par with Geddes and simply had a better product.

The Winner....

1) Purple Hippo Bakery: I'm so glad we gave them a third chance. Our first encounter with them came off sour as it took them a week to return my phone call. Their second attempt soured when they canceled our appointment with just over an hours notice. However the third chance they aced. A free cup of coffee definitely helped to put me in a generous mood and having three cakes with three fillings and frosting's to try made them the most generous of the bakeries we visited. Our tasting was handled by one of their full time pastry chefs who was not only quite personable but very knowledgeable. Lastly they have a hazelnut chiffon cake that is simply divine. Once the Missus tried it, she decided she liked it and that was more or less then end of discussion. While she went back and forth for a day more I knew we had our bakery. Purple Hippo runs roughly a hundred dollars more then Geddes and Patrician but I feel it will be worth it.

I love cake.

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