Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Problem With Small Companies.....

Is that you know everyone.

In a larger company, say 100-300 souls, you have a little more anonymity. My current dilemma has to do with the complete lack of anonymity in small companies.

I'm just wrapping up a second stint with a very small company, six souls all told, myself included. I decided to leave the company for a variety of reasons but what upsets me so much was the reaction I received. It is as if I'm abandoning them, casting them out into the street, dooming them to starvation and ruin.

Do I feel a little guilty for leaving? Yeah, I know I played the owner during the interview, and neither of us handled things as well as we should have but at the end of the day I can't keep a job that does not pay my bills, especially when I have a $50,000 plus benefits offer in hand.

My current boss feels I should stick with him and the company, thinks I should stay in a job when I have my degree with nothing to look forward to other then eventually making $15 an hour with minimal health benefits that I have to pay 50% of cost for. It just bothers me.

I'd love to stay, I enjoy the work, it's hardly challenging but I enjoy it and my boss is a good guy but at the end of the day I need to make my money, establish myself, get my experience and my money. I have a wedding, bills, car repairs and a fiancee all that need paid for, taken care of, maintained and I just can't do that on my current wage, yet I still feel bad for leaving.

I guess I'm soft at heart. Oh well.

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