Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pitt v. West Virginia

As part of the Thanksgiving festivities I did something I almost never do. I watched football. I know how to play football, sorta, informed mostly by the tabletop fantasy "football" game Blood Bowl. I was never into organized sports and so the concept of paying money to go sit in a stadium and watch football is not something I would consider high on my Top 10 Things to do on a day off list. However, as the Grandparents bought the tickets, and asked so politely for me and the Missus to come with them I couldn't in good conscience refuse.

So, the game we all went to see was played in Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and was the old rivalry of Pitt vs. West Virginia. In fact this is the 101'st go round of this game and a good game it was. Sorta.

At times the game resembled a Three Stooges routine with comedic errors that elicited groans and boo's from the assembled throng. Bad passes, interceptions, plays so retarded even I noticed, and calls by the ref that were so obviously bad it made my brain bleed internally.

But in the end it was a fun game. it was a televised game and I swear both teams were playing to the camera, have to make good T.V. you know. Pitt came from behind in the 4th quarter to cinch a narrow lead, but then allowed West Virginia to wander down the filed with less then a minute to play and when Pitt finally decided to mount a defense they were on their own 20 yard line. Not exactly where I would have picked but hey, what do I know.

In the end West Virginia was unable to capitalize and Pitt won the game. However, I can't help but wonder why it even came that close? Twice Pitt was within scoring distance and called boneheaded plays, Pitt missed a field goal that should have been a chip shot, oh well.

As for the atmosphere? Football fans are nuts. I would hazard a guess that in our seats, near the club boxes, the ambient temperature, factoring in the wind, came to a chilling 20 degrees. Yet there were people out with gloves, a hat, and no shirt or jacket painted blue and gold screaming their heads off in weather that had me in a coat huddled under blankets. Insanity, utter insanity.

At least they had a hat on right?

All in all it was a lot of fun and I could definitely be convinced to return next year.

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