Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Driving 101

As a prelude to this post I'd like to say it snowed today, a lot. Now snow itself does not bother me, neither does the idea of driving in the snow. What bothers me, and what I wish to address here is the behavior of other drivers while it's snowing and what I like to call "Driver Etiquette"

First let's establish some common terms. Roadways are divided up into a number of lanes. The right most lane is referred to as the driving lane. Now if there is more then one lane in either direction lanes to the middle and left are referred to as traveling or passing lanes. Depending on the number of lanes. For the purpose of our discussion today imagine a two lane highway, one driving lane and one passing lane.

Now, when it is snowing I like to change the designation of these lanes, the driving lane becomes the "Safe traveling speed" lane in which the maximum speed is anywhere from 15 to 30 mph. The passing lane is now referred to as the "I have a death wish" lane or the "I own a Hummer with studded snow tires" lane and in this lane the speed limit is roughly five miles above the posted speed limit.

Now, on to etiquette. If you are driving in the sane speed lane stay there. If you are driving in the death wish lane, stay there. Nobody has problems, nobody dies. Accidents happen when the two lanes interact, usually at a speed greater then the sane lane and less then the death wish lane.

Also, drivers who erratically change lanes should be shot.

If the driver in front of you is going too slow for your liking feel free to pass, but do so in an intelligent manner and not when the passing lane is full of cars. If you do this you are an idiot and should be taken out back and beat senseless with a snow shovel.

Now, accidents. I've often thought this is an interesting term. I would hazard a guess that there are very few true accidents. An accident in driving would be turning down a one way street that did not have a sign, an accident is not going to fast and hitting another car in the snow. Anyone with a basic understanding of physics can avoid 99% of winter "accidents" and those in Rochester who seem to lack this basic understanding, stay off my roads!

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