Monday, August 10, 2009

Maybe I'm Wrong

But I doubt it.

I have often wondered why the unpopular opinion is viewed as wrong, simply because it's unpopular. I grew up privileged. I had a stable home life, food, clothes, and a solid education, things I know not everyone has. But I refuse, simply and adamantly refuse, to cut people slack because they did not grow up with those same "privileges". It's not my background, or my family, or my race, class, or checkbook that got me where I am today. It's me, I got me to where I am today.

I did not have to graduate, I could have dropped out, but I knew I needed to graduate. I could have gotten someone pregnant, but I didn't. I could have gotten into crime, drugs, and violence but I did not. I did not have to go to college, but I chose to. I did not have to spend week after week, night after sleepless night, busting my ass till I graduated. But I did. Why? Because I knew it was the right thing to do.

I hate it when people who did the right thing make excuses for those who didn't. I did not get anyone pregnant, so why should I pay for your kid? You want a better job? Then work for it. Earn it. Maybe if you work, and scrimp, and save then your kids will have a better life then you, and then maybe if they do the same their kids will have a better life then they had. That's how it works. It sucks, it's hard.


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