Friday, September 18, 2009

Four Willing Victims: The First Class

I taught my first web design course at the Genesee Center for the Arts.

Four students, one instructor, in a classroom the size of a large broom closet. Luckily there is AC.

Anyway, I went in thinking we would spend the two and a half hour class going over the basics of HTML, the internet, web page design, and maybe write a little code. We did all that in less then an hour. I decided then to carry on and see how far we could get. After going over most of the basic tags in HTML, having the students try out some samples, discussing color and layout considerations, and touching on the legality, or illegality of nabbing random photos off the internet we called it a night. It was a good class, I'm excited, confident, and happy. We shall see what next week brings!

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nupanick said...

How... wonderfully vague.