Friday, September 25, 2009

Web Design, Week 2

I taught my second web design course last night at the Genesee Center for the Arts in Rochester.

I love to teach, I love watching students "get it" I love the look on their faces when the vision in their head starts to take shape on the screen in front of them.

I've done web development both professionally and as a hobby for awhile now and while I love delivering a solid product to a customer there is always that disconnect. People simply do not have any concept of how long building a site takes, let alone the effort in maintaining the site, and the content, and keeping everything organized, current, and working.

It's good to work with people who have sat in front of a screen and written code, even a little, it makes them slightly more tolerant of the time, and effort, that it takes to build websites.

With luck this job may turn into one or more lucrative side contracts. It's not much, but it may prove to be a launching pad for my company and hopefully a ticket to securely running my own business.

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