Friday, October 2, 2009

I Abhor Risk.

I can not state that clearly, or forcefully enough, I abhor risk. I loathe it, detest it, and if given the chance would never encounter it in a million years. I prefer things to be controlled, calculated, and predictable.

However, there are times when one must take a risk. Usually, in my case at least, this risk comes back to haunt me ten-fold. I took a risk a few months back, and as usual, that risk is coming back ten-fold.

I bought a car.

That in and of itself does not seem too frightening. I'm sure in my life I will do it again. However, I bought a car that did not run. I bought it for $200 with the intent to put a new engine in it and re-sell the car. Put a new engine in it I did, and a few other odds and ends, to the tune of $2,000. Nearly all of it on credit, and that was the risk.

That is the risk that is coming back to haunt me because, simply put, I can't manage to sell the damn thing. I originally was asking $5,500 that rapidly dropped to $4,500 and at the rate it's going the price may drop again. Why? Because I need to sell the car, and right now any money is better then no money.

I've re-learned a lesson I swore I knew already. Risk never pays.

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