Monday, October 12, 2009

Goodbye Ol' Friend

I said goodbye to a friend yesterday.

I don't get emotional all that often but last night I nearly cried.

I sold my car, it's stupid I know, but anyone who thinks cars lack a soul has never owned a good car. Not an expensive car, a good car.

I went everywhere in that car. I fixed her, I drove her, in times of financial hardship I neglected her, but she ran anyway. Every morning, no matter how cold, I turned the key and she started. I know every rattle, every creak, I've gotten into more trouble, and she's gotten me back out more times then I can figure. I've slept in her, and she's gotten me home when I probably shouldn't have. I've banked her in the snow, and dug, and pushed her back out.

I love that car. Letting her go hurt more then I thought it would.She wasn't my first, nor my last but she was the first car I could truly call mine. I bought her, albeit with borrowed money, but I bought her. I put my foot down and for the first time in my life got the car I wanted.

As far as I'm considered she was perfect. I sold her to a friend, to pay for my wedding, I only hope he treats her well, keeps her oil changed, better then I did, and in the end I hope she has a long life ahead of her.


nupanick said...

Awww, that's so sweet! I hope your wedding goes okay and that your old car is treated well.

~Nick Lamicela

JWH said...

I shall do my best. We just rounded 260k and she seems happy thus far