Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NAAFA: The Hell?

So, I stumbled across NAAFA, or the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Say that ten times fast. Thier website can be found here: NAAFA. Now, I'm not thin, and I'll be the first person to tell you that traditional BMI calculations suck. But let's take a look at some of NAAFA's claims.

First: Size Descrimination

Size Discrimination Consequences are Real!
  • Creates medical and psychological effects
  • Results in wage disparity
  • Affects hiring and promotion
  • Affects academic options and advancement
Let's take a good long look at this. They claim that based on SIZE that people are being descriminated on. They demand equal protection under civil rights laws that place SIZE on the same plane as sex, age, race, color, and sexual orientation.

Let me run that by you again in case you missed the humor. SIZE which is controllable through discupline, exercise, and coloric restriction on the same plane as factors which can not be controlled like sex, race, color, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

So, a man who is fat has the same right to be protected as a man who is black? or gay? Seriously?

Am I the only one completely flabergasted by this?

They then go on to ask why do people descriminate, and they supply this gem:

"People fail to lose weight because of poor self-discipline and willpower"

Now, people who are unable to control their caloric intake, or manage a regular exercise schedule, often due to a lack of self control or will power.... do I promote them, or someone who shows the physical qualities of being able to control their body and motivate themselves to exercise regularly. Tough choice. Do I promote the undisciplinced "large" person, or the disciplined "thin" person. Man, tough choice!

I'll be honest, I'm far from thin. I'm certainlyt not the svelt specimine I could be. But I exercise, I'm cognizent of my diet, and I do my best to maintain, if not reduce, my body weight. At no point in my life have I ever felt that it would be apropriate to look at morbidly obese individuals as anything but people with a complete and utter lack of self-discipline and motivation.

I'm beyond words, this is simply too stupid.


Anonymous said...

No, dear, you are simply too stupid if you think it's okay to discriminate against any one for any reason! Maybe we should discriminate against you because you practice martial arts? Well how about because you are a software developer? No, don't like this? Why not? Duh! Discrimination is wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

For a second there I was thinking NAAFA: The National Association for the Advancement of Fat(ter) Associates???? Thanks NAACP!!!

-The Missus