Monday, October 5, 2009

I know it's futile....

I have several family members who are Republican. That's not necessarily a reason to shun them, but it's close. One of these family members, we will call him "Mark", forwarded me an e-mail to the effect of how Federal Health Care was doomed to failure, and because other federal programs have problems Federal Health Care was equally doomed.

So, in honor of "Mark" I bring you the NFO (Nuke From Orbit) for today, October 5th.

Step 1: Identify a problem
Step 2: Propose a solution

Without step 2, it's just whining.

Have you ever gone without insurance?
Have you ever laid in bed at night and listened to the woman you love fight for breath because of a set of enlarged tonsils she can't get taken out because she doesn't have insurance?
Have you ever had to wait five months, calling daily, do hear back from Medicaid only to finally be approved and then a week later be told you don't have it any more because you did not submit the proper paperwork? Paperwork you never received.
Have you ever been turned down by a doctor, with cash in hand, because they only take people with insurance?
Have you ever had to cheap out on the insurance you could get because the cost of the better insurance would mean you're not able to pay the rest of your bills?

Guess what, I have.

Have you really sat and THOUGHT about the stupid, inane, crap you decide to forward? Have you really sat and thought about the state of health care in this country? If you think you have, then I have a wake-up call for you, you're privilege is showing. You're white, middle-class and I guarantee you have never gone a day without insurance. I have. My fiancee has. You want to know what is broke? Health care in this country is broke. I don't see you proposing any solution.

Today's NFO brought to you by people who are incapable of thinking outside their little white middle-class suburbia world.

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