Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12 Week Experiment: Week 3

Day 1: A
Squat: 125lbs.
Bench: 115lbs.
Upright Row: 70lbs.

 Day 2: B
Squat: 130lbs.
Press: 65lbs.
Deadlift: 125lbs.

 Day 3: A
Squat: 135lbs.
Bench: 120lbs.
Upright Row: 75lbs.

I had my Day 1 workout last night. Evidently 125lbs is the point where squats start to "feel" heavy. I was still able to do my full routine with minimal rest between sets. However, there's that moment when you square up, with the bar across your shoulders, and a little voice in your head says "Hey buddy, this shit's heavy!" I got that voice last night.

It's funny, The Mrs. once yelled at me, while I was lifting, saying that I was thinking about it too much. She, at the time, was right. But last night the one point I had on my side is that I knew the weight on my back was only 5lbs heavier then the previous workout. So, I could logic through that if I had easily gone 120lbs only a few days earlier then there was no reason I shouldn't be able to do 125lbs today.

I think that's the biggest advantage of an incremental program. Even if you don't see the same results that you would with a more traditional split program you have the emotional safety net that it's only 5lbs more than last time in the gym. That, for me at least, is a huge help when I hit mental hurdles. Certain weights, regardless of my ability to lift them, always pose a problem. 135lbs, 225lbs, and 315lbs are huge hurdles, mentally.

There's something about that first, second, and third set of 45lb plates that makes my knees weak. Even if I know I can lift a given weight, seeing those plates makes me doubt myself. That's another big gym hurdle. Getting out of your head enough to lift, and lift heavy, but not losing your focus, and the knowledge that the weight on your back isn't much scarier then the weight was two days ago.

Saturday morning, I'll hit one of those milestones. I feel good, let's see if I'm overconfident.

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