Monday, July 2, 2012

Stronglifts: Week 14

Day 1: B
Squat: 280lbs.
Press: 125lbs.
Deadlift: 275lbs.

Day 2: A
Squat: 225lbs.
Bench: 155lbs.
Upright Row: 140lbs.

Day 3: B
Squat: 230lbs.
Press: 110lbs.
Deadlift: 285lbs.

I had hoped that my squat weight would keep going up. I was pushing myself towards a goal, with nothing in mind except the weight. That's one of the dangers of lifting without a coach, or partner. You don't have anyone to keep you on the straight and narrow. I was lifting, but I'd lost sight of why. I had gone back to ignoring my body, ignoring the pain in my knees and back from poor form. I had stopped lifting for health, and enjoyment, and started lifting for weight. I should have de-loaded a few weeks back, across the board. My squat, form was falling apart, I was at my limit for bench press, and my overhead press hadn't been good since day one.

It's was hard for me to admit that I was pushing too hard, too fast. That I had drifted from my stated goals into something less healthy. I dropped my weights on squat and bench last night, and while my form for squat was still shaky it was easier to control the weight, and make sure I was lifting properly. Bench was a similar experience, the weight seemed incredibly light, even with only a 40lb difference.

I did not de-load my upright row, and I should have. I'll drop that weight next week as well. At present, the only lift I don't feel a need to lower is my deadlift. We'll see how that feels on Saturday.

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